I am happy to announce that Royal Oak Hair Salon in Barcelona now carries hairtalk tape hair extensions.  I am a huge fan of the relatively new technology of tape-in extensions.   Sometimes you just don’t want to wait for your hair to grow long or your hair just does not naturally have the fullness you really wish you had.    It might be time to consider extensions.


If you have ever had extensions before, you probably know the pain of sitting in the salon chair for hours. You might have had your hair braided and then wefts of hair sewn in, or  had over 100 extensions strategically glued into your hair.  Sewn in wefts can add extra tension to the hair root which over time can damage the root ball and cause traction alopecia and thinning of the hair.  Glue-in or Keratin extensions utilize a glue that is melted around your own hair, this heated process can damage your own hair.  Often if keratin extensions are not styled correctly they can look like spaghetti.  In both cases the extensions usually last on the head up to 6 months.  Your own hair can grow up to 10 cm in this time, and that regrowth can get matted and tangled without you ever being able to brush it.

Tape in Extensions are small 3 or 4 cm wefts. A thin strip of your hair is then sandwiched between two wefts of tape extensions that bond together to create a strong, flat hold that lasts up to 8 weeks.  The extensions lie flat to the head so that no one will be able to see the extensions like in other techniques. A full head of extensions takes usually less than one hour to apply.  After the first 6 to 8 weeks we remove the extensions and the tape, put in new tape, and reapply the extensions to your hair.  This means that we can reuse the same extensions, up to 3 times.  Each extension can last up to 6 months, with the extensions always remaining near the root.


If you are ready for a whole new look, you can participate in one of our next LAB sessions, with Highlights, Balayage and Style for only 60€.  You can then also get 20% off of your extensions!

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If you really want to have long hair and have been trying to grow it out for years but it just does not seem to be getting any longer, it might be time to think about helping nature along.  If you cut your hair short and you can´t wait to have long hair again, or if your hair just does not have the thickness you wish you had, you could consider extensions.  If you really want to have a fantasy color, extensions are a great way to get fun colors that won’t fade, without having to damage your own hair.  There are so many reasons to get extensions, but if you are unsure you can always make an appointment for a free consultation.


Hairtalk extensions are made with 100% Remy hair, meaning the cuticle of the hair is left intact and it is aligned so the hair growth is always kept in the same direction to stop the hair from matting. They come in 3 different lengths and in 28 natural colors that can be blended to create over 500 different color shades.  Hairtalk extensions come in two types, original and plus.  Plus extensions tie each hair to the weft making it appear that the hair is growing out from the scalp.  This gives me the ability to place the extensions closer to the hairline without being visible.  They also offer extensions with color melts to help seamlessly blend in with highlighted hair.  Hairtalk is also the brand of choice of star new York stylist Nunzio Saviano