MAY – SEPT 2021

Vicky Remiss is an abstract/fluid artist from Australia but is Hungarian born. She has been drawing since she was a child but found her passion as an abstract artist when she moved to Spain. Her work has a strong energetic influence and she expresses her emotions through colour and pattern. She uses a wide range of mixed media to give her work depth. Her biggest challenge as an artist is being a perfectionist. Her eyes work with symmetry and flow and she often spends many hours working on her pieces until they look perfect in her eyes. She believes that art is about the expression of ‘self’ and the depiction of energy that moves through us. She believes all of her work is an accurate representation of her two sides – the side that lives in chaos vs the immense need for tranquility. Check out more of her work on her website or on Instagram at @v1kasso

Vicky Remiss
Reaching for Argyle

Reaching for Argyle Mixed Media on canvas 50cm x 100cm €1150

Echoes in Space

Echoes in Space Mixed Media on canvas 100cm x 120cm €950