I believe that continuously pushing ourselves is the only way we improve. Royal Oak was founded to help people to express themselves creatively and one way that we do that as hairdressers is always challenging ourselves. LAB sessions were created to provide an opportunity to try new trends, techniques and products, while also giving our clients a chance to have their dream hair makeover at a fraction of the price.


LAB sessions occur once a month for two lucky models.  They are always on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning in the middle of the month.  At this time we are looking for models who are open to specific styles for each session.  We will update what styles we are looking for for each session.  Included in the service is a clean up haircut and finished styling.  The whole service costs only 70€  and includes everything.  Please be aware that photos will be taken for marketing purposes.


If you would like to be a client for an upcoming LAB session, please write to Kyle at Please Include a photo of how your hair is now, and any reference photos of what you would like to achieve.  Because the listings are limited, please provide multiple times that you are available in case your date is already booked up.


SEPTEMBER 20th, 10am – Free Hand Balayage

OCTOBER 18th, 10am – Air Touch Highlights