DEC 2023 – MARCH 2024

LENTOV is a pseudonym for the local Barcelona based artist, illustrator, painter and graphic designer Elena Fuks.    The artist works in various styles and techniques, depending on the concept, mood and inspiration.  LENTOV has created works for a  wide range of applications in the art & design sphere: from wine lables design to fashion prints.  Elena worked with such brands and companies like Adidas Originals, Jo Malone, Rambler, Bunge Iberica and many others.  Fro now, LENTOV had 8 solo exhibitions and has participated in 20 group exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Berlin , Barcelona, Lisbon, Koln, Venice and others.

To see more of LENTOV’s work you can follow her on Instagram: @lentov or lentov.com

Ciudad Infancia
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Blue Horizon
ECO-print on plywood 3/5
108 x 90 cm

Flor Entre Ruinas
Acrylic on Canvas
100 x 80cm

oh BOY #2
ECO-print on Plywood 1/5
108 x 90cm

To purchase this art please contact Kyle at kyle@royaloakbcn.com